How it works

The steps we take to produce the perfect mascot!

To produce the perfect premium mascot, we will assign a project manager to your mascot project. He or she will be in contact with you during the whole process and will ask for your input or approvals when needed. This way we produce the mascot that is 100% according to your wishes!


We produce mascots with true passion, this will be shown in the end result. Our experienced staff will inform you about all the different possibilities like fabric types, logo positions, size and color usage. Next to that we will send you some information about how the use the mascot in an effective way and how to generate extra attention and revenue when launching the mascot concept.


When you already have a mascot design, we will show the changes that we have to make to transfer the design into a comfortable and great looking costume. The resemblance to your design will be fantastic, it is one of our specialities. When you do not have a design, our in-house artists can design a unique character for you that suits your company or institution.


As soon as the (production) design is approved, our projectmanager will select the material possibilities and send these to you. You can then select the materials that are to your likings. In the meanwhile our mold designers will start carving the head shapes of your mascot and sew the parts together by hand. This mold will be presented to you and only when it is 100% according to your wishes we will continue the production.


After approval of the mold and the final selection of the fabrics, a team of 5 specialist will continue the production. Each teammember has an own speciality. One will produce the pattented shoes, another will make the body and clothing part and one specialist will work on details like realistic eyes and paintbrush effects. These specialities will guarantee the highest quality of your mascot.


When the costume is complete, one of our actors will go in the costume and test the visability and if the costume is comfortable to wear. After this is guaranteed we will take photos and make a video of your new mascot in action. This presentation will be send to you for approval, when needed last minute changes can be made. Only when you are 100% satisfied about the result, the production is completed!


After we get your approval of the endresult, we will pack your mascot carefully and send it to the requested address! Along with the costume we will send a document that contains acting advise and maintanance instructions. Do not worry the document is not that thick! Our costumes are easy to wear and very easy to maintain! The fun can start!