Plush toys

Are you planning to order custom made plush toys? Then you would probably already have a design. You don’t have a design and you want to order your own plush toys? No problem, we would love to design your plush toy, completely according to your wishes.

These are the steps to take;

– We receive a description of your wishes in a few sentences.
– After that we will make a first sketch.
– Then you can tell us if we are close and if any changes need to be made. We will do this according
to your wishes.
– After the changes have been made we will produce the professional vector design.

With a design according to wish we will calculate the price for the production and send you our offer. If the offer is according to your wishes we can start the production of the prototype. The costs to make the prototype is €150. This investment will be refunded to you when you order 500 or more plush toys.

Below you can find examples of previously produced plush toys Please call us for advise!


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