We produce mascots with passion for quality. Made in Europe! Two different product lines to match each budget.


Character Costume


At Euro Mascots we produce the best of the best, when it comes to mascot costumes. Made of ultra light, but high quality materials and with the smallest details applied. We combine fantastic looks with a unique durability.

With these costumes we give some exclusive guarantees. The most important one is our 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The costumes will only leave our workshow when you are 100% satisfied about the result! Next to that we offer a four year warrantee on any possible production mistakes and a best price guarantee! There are only few colleagues that can match this quality but none can match our price.

Almost a 100% match with the design, very comfortable to wear and very easy to maintain! The perfect choice when it fits your budget!

Want to see some examples of these amazing mascots?  Check out our photo page.

Standard professional quality

Standard Professional MASCOTS

When you want a more budget friendly option, but would still like to enjoy our great quality costumes, we can recommend our standard professional mascots.

With the production we safe some cost by applying details in a more simple way. For example we make the eyes 2D in stead of 3D and don’t use paintbrush. The shapes of the head are a bit simplified and the shoes are standard.

But don’t worry, even after cutting in these costs, the quality remains perfect, we never safe money on quality.

So who do we recommend these costumes to?

1) Customers that want a high quality costume, but don’t have the budget to go all out.
2) Customers that have a very simple designs with little detail.
3) Customers that just want a nice mascot and don’t care too much about small details.

Do you want some more explaining on the differences? Just contact us and we will give you more details and show you the difference with recent projects that we have done.

Budget Mascots

Do you want a cheap budget mascot? We cannot help you. We only produce durable professional mascot costumes. We can recommend a Dutch supplier for this type of mascots. Their website is