Free mascot design

Many of our customers have already a mascot design at hand, when they come by for a mascot-costume. On that basis, we are able to manufacture beautiful mascots.
In case, you do not have any design, or you would like to edit your current design, we offer you that service for free. We can bring your ideas on paper with the so-called preliminary design, before we start production. Below-stated, you will find the different steps in the production process.


Visit our page for more pictures, designed by us.

Further development

Would you like to get more, than only the design? Of course, you are also at the right address. Our designers appreciate to create a detailed elaboration of your mascot. We handle the same satisfaction guarantee, as with our mascots. We edit the ‘character’, until it meets your requirements. This enabled us to awaken many unique ‘characters’. You will find below-stated the implementation from preliminary designs to a fully designed ‘character.’

5 Designs for Zoopark

Yellow with a bannerYellow winter characterJellow as a Tarzan


Further design services
Our designers are specialized in drawings around ‘characters’. Next to that, we offer many other design services, such as:

– coloring pages
– comics
– animations
– characters in different postures
– vehicle prints
– product designs
– websites

For further information, please do not hesitate to ask. Below-stated you will find more examples of our work.