Buying tips

How much does it cost to produce a mascott

A costume made in Europe starts at €1500 for one costume. If you buy more the price can drop to €1350. The price for your costume depends on the design and the desired quality level. We would love to make you an offer. Just give us a ring or email us and you will receive an offer within 24 hours. As the European experts we will always give you a lowest price guarantee for your costume. As us about it.


If you do not yet have a mascot design, it is wise to have the design made by the costume producer. He or she has a much better idea how to design a mascot that will have great vision for the actor and is comfortable to wear. This all without any restrictions to design a fabulous mascot.

If possible arrange a personal meeting with your supplier.

Ordering quality mascots is quite an investment to make. With bigger investments it is always good to meet with your supplier. He or she can tell you all about the product and show you some examples. This way you can feel the quality and get a sense of the way the company does business.

Ask about comfort for the actor.

Years ago 90% of the costumes had fibreglass heads. Heavy constructions that are not comfortable to wear. We advise you to buy a costume that has an ultra light head made of foam. This way the actor can move more freely and will not hurt his neck or shoulders. The fibreglass heads are not needed anymore with the new and modern techniques.

When buying a mascot costume, probably the most important thing is to ask where it is made.

Some suppliers have their costumes made in China or in South America. In general these costumes look nice on a photo but are very poor in quality. Too bad because the prices for these costumes are very nice. Also the comfort for the actor in the costume get little attention. Our costumes are all made in the EU at our European quality standards. If you consider buying a Chinese / South American budget costume, you should always ask for guarantees! But they are hard to get.

Ask your supplier for a quality guarantee.

When you buy a mascot costume, you want to buy a problem free product. If anything is wrong with it you want the supplier to take responsibility for it. It is as simple as that. At Euro Mascots we provide a 4 year guarantee on any possible production failures.

Think about a nice way to introduce your mascot.

Launching a mascot concept is a fun thing to do. Introducing him, her or it for the first time, in a spectacular way can be a nice boost to the concept. At Euro Mascots we would love to help you think of a unique and fun way to introduce your mascot.

Handpick the materials by yourself.

Always ask your supplier fabric samples of the materials that they are planning to use. This way you will get a costume with the right look and feel.

Order more of the same costumes at the same time.

Although every mascot costume we make is a handmade piece of art, ordering more costumes at the same time will give you a nice price benefit. Producing more costumes at the same time saves hours and allows us to buy materials at a cheaper price.